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treatment technology

developed and introduced

by professor nazaraliev

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17000 saved lives
83 - 92 %
yearly remission
26 years of practice


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About professor nazaraliev and his treatment method

Professor Nazaraliev is a hereditary psychiatrist.  Back in 1991, professor founded his first private clinic specializing on drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The clinic became very popular in CIS countries. For the next 25 years, doctor was conducting a research devoted to positive experiences for drug and alcohol addiction treatment on five continents. Later he founded the World League “Mind Free of Drugs”. Organization implements global anti-drug, socially oriented projects and campaigns. Professor tries to merge all possible world forces, including the participation of the world leaders and distinguishing public figures in order to prevent global addiction and its illicit trade.

As a result, the formation of integral approach in treating addictions was established and introduced. In 2010, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences along with the National Scientific Center of Health Ministry had officially approved author’s treatment method presented by Prof Nazaraliev.


In the relation with our patients, we thoroughly follow the rules of informational openness. That is the reason why we will not guarantee you a 100% recovery. However, the statistical data in our clinic is the highest comparing to other world-known clinics and centers who specialize in treating addictions.

Below are the data, represented by independent research groups conducted by the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

Increases the level of social functioning in 74% of the cases
Changes and improves life quality of the patients and their families in 97,1% of the cases
Our treatment method reduces appearance of psychotic, physical and somatic symptoms in 92,7% of the cases
Increases working capability of the patients in 58% of the cases

Types of accomodation and extra services in MCN

Addiction Treatment in MCN is conducted on two different territories. First, patients arrive to the clinic located at the foothills of Tian-Shan mountains. Clinic can accommodate 86 patients. There are 4 categories of accommodation: STANDARD, LUX, DeLUX, APPARTMENTS.

Some treatment stages are conducted at the medium altitude lake Issyk-Kul in the Yurt Camp Ak-Tengir. Natural and climate advantages pay enormous role in mental and physical rehabilitation of our patients. On the premises we also have: an outdoor swimming pool, SPA, tennis court, and gym.

At MCN we offer VIP service

Maximum attention to your daily needs, access to extra services and amenities, individual team of doctors, personal vehicle with driver, private chalet at the shore of the lake, personal security, personal chef will assist in receiving maximally comfortable and hassle free treatment in one of the best world clinics.

Patients who choose VIP service, undergo individual treatment under personal supervision of Professor Nazaraliev.

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